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Knick's Tavern and GrillDigital Marketing, Print, Web Design, Photography

Knick’s Tavern and Grill is a family-owned restaurant in Sarasota, Florida.

Client Brief

Like most restaurants at the start of quarantining in 2020, a digital presence was important. To keep the business on patron's minds, we posted daily specials, relatable quotes, and COVID-19 Precautionary Measures from like curbside pick-up instructions to cleaning measures.

In time, it became clear that COVID was no joke and our frontline workers were feeling the pressure.

Thus, being in such close proximity to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the campaign "Share The Love, Not The Virus" was born. Locals would pledge money to send healthy, homemade meals by Knick's Tavern & Grill (and other local restaurants) to the frontline healthcare staff. All was accomplished—boost morale, get the community involved, and keep businesses going.

Digital Marketing

Daily Specials & Food Pictures

Lunch and dinner plans are made easy when you see it beckoning you from your Instagram feed. Tickling your fancy and pulling your cravings to the forefront of your mind as lunch and dinner time looms.

Share The Love (Not The Virus)

This campaign was Knick’s Tavern’s answer to boosting morale and maintaining business at the height of COVID-19 and quarantine.

To take the burden of eating well amongst all this chaos, patrons pledge money and Knick’s cooks & delivers healthy, homemade boxed meals to frontline healthcare workers on patrons’ behalf.

website design

Knick’s Tavern & Grill

Where everyone knows your name and is confidently Southside Village’s local “cheers”!


Family Meal Specials

With children learning via zoom meetings at home, parents’ patience was growing thin. How do we take the stress of feeding the family off of the parents? Meal Deals!

Frustrated? Trying to figure it all out?