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River Landings Animal ClinicBranding, Digital Marketing, Copywriting

River Landings Animal Clinic is a veterinary clinic in Bradenton, Florida. They have serviced the area since 1997, with focus on dogs, cats, birds, and small exotics. Their avian specialist, Dr. Bonda, also works closely with treating the animals at Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens.


River Landings is a small family business that puts emphasis on treating your pets as their own.


Unlike their competitors who appear sterile and cold, River Landings branding opts for warm, earthy tones and elements.

Lobby Digital Signage

A TV Display sits in the animal clinic’s lobby to make wait times feel shorter and engage the client. The slides consist of helpful tips, what to expect at your pet’s appointment, information on the clinic + vets, advertising opportunities, and fun behind-the-scenes photos.

Digital Marketing

Organic SEO

In the age of Google, what do you do first when you don’t feel well? You google your symptoms or concerns. Pet Owners do just the same.

Instead of buying for a temporary top tier placement in searches with an ever changing bidding cost, we went for the long haul of putting out relevant content in a blog that their clients can refer to or prospect clients may come across when Googling a pet’s symptoms.

Proof is in the Pudding

Although a small business, they have out-ranked big-time competitors like PetMD when pet owner’s google their pet’s symptoms!

For example, when clients search ‘snake stargazing’ (a syndrome aptly named in snakes), River Landing’s not only ranks above PetMD, but consistently places 1st and 3rd in the results—organically!

Social Media Content Creation

To build and maintain brand reputation, River Landings Animal Clinic’s social pages are used to promote awareness of certain ailments and symptoms their pet may exhibit as well as latest promotions, uplifting quotes, and celebrating a pet’s first visit.

E-Mail Campaigns

Promotions & Latest Pet Health News